Camilla’s approach is considered, multidisciplinary and collaborative. Her minimalist aesthetic can be traced back to her Scandinavian roots and time spent in Tokyo where she produced her first solo exhibition. As a stylist, Camilla has gained a reputation for turning everyday essentials into modern, sophisticated, and well-balanced images. She also helps brands build a visual personality from concept through to production.

What ties these projects together is her uncompromising understanding of how colour, form and texture combine to create timeless compositions. Her success lies in the detail; moving objects by millimetres, adjusting angles by the degree and sourcing the perfect prop.

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Bias Editions
Birrificio Angelo Poretti
Burger King
Compass Box
El Rayo
Glenfiddich Whisky
Japan Centre
Just Eat
Lucky Saint
Ops and Ops
Royal Salute
Tally Weijl
Three Spirit
Toast Ale
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